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Solar Panel

Why solar panels are the obvious choice.

Adding solar in South Australia is a no-brainer. STC government rebates, solar feed-in tariffs and over 2,500 hours of sun a year means the return on investment on a solar installation is the highest in Australia.

Why Solar?
Heating & Cooling

Heating or cooling? Why not both?

Nobody likes the cold… or the heat. Even Goldilocks knew it - we humans like it “just right”. Keep the family at optimal temperatures with an air conditioning solution for your whole house or single room.

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Solar Battery

Solar batteries. Your next step towards grid independence.

Rather than selling your excess generated power back to the grid, batteries let you store it and use it when you need it most. Battery storage is typically modular, expandable and can be added to most existing solar systems.

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Tesla Powerwall

Join the club, with Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla Powerwall is in a league of its own. Join the club and get instant bragging rights.
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Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer

Clean Energy Council Accredited.

Although we like to have a good laugh, our commitment to customer satisfaction and high standards is next to none. That’s why we became a CEC Approved Solar Retailer. The CEC’s rigorous standards means that we’ve done the hard yards so that you can reap the rewards.

Why CEC Matters
Finance Group - Brighte & Plenti

Finance your investment.

Living isn’t cheap - we get that. Balancing the comfort of your home while paying the bills is one of life’s many challenges. And while we do believe in being smart with your money, sometimes a bit of help doesn’t go astray - especially when you’re investing in your home.

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Number One Wreath

Recommended by Googlers everywhere.

Energy SA has maintained an exceptional rating for many years. We don’t proclaim to be perfect, but our customers seem to think we’re alright!

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ActronAir Loungeroom

ActronAir. As Australian as a pie at the footy.

ActronAir knows what it’s like to endure 40º+ summers and wet, wild winters. Did we mention their air conditioning is like eye candy?
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Aircon Types

What type of aircon should I get?

Everyone’s requirements are different. Do you need heating only? Or are you looking to just heat or cool a single room? Perhaps you’re building a new home and need a whole-house solution? Find out more by exploring the different types of air conditioning available.

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Solar Panels on House

What size solar system is right for me?

There are many things to consider when choosing solar. How often are you at home? Are you looking to add batteries? How much are your current power bills? Start by learning about one of the most common system sizes (6.6kW), or find out what works for you.

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Solar Battery

Are batteries for everyone?

In short, batteries aren’t for everyone. For some, a battery could be the perfect solution. For others, selling power back to the grid instead of storing it could put them in a better financial position. Learn more about batteries so you can make an informed decision.

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Enphase Microinverter

The Steve Jobs of solar.

As solar visionaries, Enphase have totally changed the game through their super-safe, crazy-smart micro-inverters.
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REC Logo


Synonymous with quality, REC are pushing the boundaries of solar panel development. REC are committed to sustainability and their stringent testing processes are three times more thorough than industry standards.

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Fronius Logo


Fronius are reaching for the stars with their goal of 100% renewable energy. With such a transcendent purpose guiding their every step, who could challenge their pursuit of highly efficient and reliable technology?

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Daikin Logo


Daikin have dedicated over 90 years to developing technologies that make heating and cooling your home or business effective and efficient.

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Scooter Guy

As South Australian as going to the servo on the way to the Mall’s Balls.

Energy SA is as local as you are. Our crew play footy on the weekends, enjoy lapping up the sun at Brighton Beach and sip lattes from your local pop-up cafe.

Oh - we do great solar and air conditioning too!
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