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As South Australian as bung fritz, Farmers Union or a late night trip to Vilis.

Energy SA is as local as you are. Our crew play footy on the weekends, enjoy lapping up the sun at Brighton Beach and sip lattes from your local pop-up cafe. Our warehouse-turned-office is in Darlington, about 20 minutes south of Adelaide; feel free to pop in and see us any time!

The Energy SA Team



Owner, Installation Manager

Hank's number one customer



Owner, Sales Manager

In-house botanist



Senior Sales Consultant

Fine shirts & good times!



Commercial Sales Consultant

Real footballs are round



Sales Consultant

Mother of children with skin & fur



Admin, Customer Service

Dogs should have human names



Admin, Customer Service

Closet barista



Admin, Customer Service

Fried days are good days

Quality that makes us wish we were our own customers.

We don’t do things by halves around here. Our commitment to quality at every level is unmatched.

We want your online experience to be clean and simple, your customer experience to be warm and friendly, your products to be tailored to your home or office and your installation to be neat, seamless and prompt.

We don’t do things by halves around here. We’re happy when you’re happy!

In fact, we are so committed to a standard of quality that we jumped through some hoops to get CEC Retailer Approval, Enphase Platinum Installer status and Tesla’s Certified Installer status (to name a few), so that you can be sure we’re adhering to the highest Australian standards.

But, if we ever fall short (we’re only human), let us know so we can make things right. After all, we’re happy, when you’re happy!

Pricing that sure feels like winning the lottery.

Imagine getting a free upgrade from economy to business class on a long haul flight. Have you pictured it? It feels good right? It’s like the privilege but without the price tag. Well, welcome to your free upgrade.

Excited people

Ok - we’re not giving away free solar systems or air conditioning, but, once we’re done, you’ll remember that you only paid economy prices but got the quality of an upgrade.

We live and work in homes, offices and buildings, just like you.

We live and work in spaces just like you. And, since our winters are cold and our summers are hot, we like to keep them comfortable. After all, no one likes sweating through their work shirt or freezing on the couch while binge-watching The Office. Home owners and business owners - let’s unite in the pursuit of comfy, climate controlled spaces!

Solar offsets, cheaper power.

Comfort doesn’t have to cost the earth. Sure, we’ll always do our best to get you great system prices, but ultimately it’s the power bill that determines the price of your comfort. And since we’re not in the business of selling electricity, why not get solar to offset the price instead!

A few other reasons why we’re our own favourites.

  • We employ and contract trained, licensed & reliable installers and electricians
  • We are experts in solar and air conditioning, having both knowledge and design expertise
  • All our products have a 10 Year Guarantee on Workmanship
  • We have a minimum 5 Year Warranty on all products
  • All our solar panels have a 25 year output warranty
  • We do both residential and commercial
  • We have $10M of public liability insurance
  • We offer multiple finance solutions, and are transparent about the pros and cons of each