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Solar Panels

Solar panels are the Big Rectangular Bits You See™ on your solar system. They’re the part that sprawls across your roof, captures the sun’s energy, generates power and sends it to the inverter. There’s plenty to consider when selecting panels that are right for you, from brand to efficiency to size and even colour.

Small solar setups might feature as few as eight panels, while larger systems will utilise energy from as many as 30+ individual panels. Ideally, solar panels are installed on a pitched roof to help keep them squeaky clean, while they can also be split across multiple roof surfaces. Installation direction can be an important factor, with north-facing panels able to capitalise on the sun’s rays best.

Panels come in black or blue, with silver or black edging, so you can choose a combo that suits your vibe…provided your vibe is black or blue with silver or black edging…

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Which solar panel is right for me?

Your choice of solar panel totally depends on your needs. Some things to consider when making your decision are:

  • Your household’s energy usage
  • Price per Watt
  • How much roof space you have
  • Roof direction/angle for optimal solar electricity generation
  • Brand
  • Aesthetic
  • STCs and Government Rebates
  • Batteries
  • Financing and payment

We also have a helpful product comparison tool, which you can find here.

If you’d like to speak to one of our team as you consider your options, we’d love to help you out! Give us a call on (08) 8374 1491, or contact us here.

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Some of our solar panel brands

Canadian Solar Logo

Recognised for great value, top quality and environmental sustainability, Canadian Solar dreams of creating a cleaner world for its future inhabitants. One of the world’s largest solar companies, the Canadian Solar technology team sets the bar high! In the space of nine months, they set three world records for conversion efficiency in certain solar cells.

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JA Solar Logo

JA Solar has been listed as a Fortune China 500 company for three consecutive years, proving that thousands of customers around the globe are investing in their cells. Regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of photovoltaic power systems, JA Solar is a well-established business that creates sound products.

Explore JA Solar
JinkoSolar Logo

JinkoSolar’s highest priority is manufacturing quality products for their customers. Not only this, but Jinko promises an unconditional commitment to its customers. From start to finish, Jinko products are built in-house, so you can be sure they’re taking responsibility for the whole kit and caboodle!

Explore JinkoSolar
LG Logo

LG is a trusted global pioneer in the electronics manufacturing space and boasts over three decades of research and development in solar. LG Solar tests its products up to three times the minimum industry requirement, ensuring their panels earn their time in the sun.

Explore LG Solar
Q Cells Logo

Q Cells products undergo rigorous testing both internally and by an external independent body, so you can be sure you’re purchasing quality. Their innovative Q.ANTUM technology is designed to capture previously unused sunlight, sending it back into the cell to produce electricity.

Explore Q Cells
REC Logo

REC’s stringent testing process is three times more thorough than the industry standard. This means your panels will last longer, even in the harshest conditions. And, while most brands offer a 10-year product warrantee and a 25-year performance guarantee, REC offers a massive 25 year product and performance warranty, making them the bees knees!

Explore REC
Trina Solar Logo

Trina Solar has set 19 world records in efficiency since 2011, demonstrating a commitment to making the world a cleaner, more sustainable place by harnessing the power of solar. They’ll hook you up with a mean, green solar machine.

Explore Trina Solar
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