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Solar government rebates and incentives

Offset the cost of your solar system until 2030, with STCs

When you buy solar panels from an accredited installer, you will receive Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) as a form of solar rebate that reduces the cost of your system purchase. The amount of the rebate varies depending on the number of sunshine hours your location receives and the size of the system you select.

For example, a 1.5kW solar panel system in Adelaide, South Australia is eligible for 31 STCs, but in Hobart, Tasmania, this same system is eligible for only 27 STCs.*

*These figures are accurate as of 2020. The number of STCs is reduced each year up until the year 2030.

Solar Panel

Why solar panels are the obvious choice.

Adding solar in South Australia is a no-brainer. STC government rebates, solar feed-in tariffs, and over 2,500 hours of sun a year means the return on investment on a solar installation is the highest in Australia.

Why Solar?
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What size solar system is right for me?

There are many things to consider when choosing solar. How often are you at home? Are you looking to add batteries? How much are your current power bills? Start by learning about one of the most common system sizes (6.6kW), or find out what works for you.

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Solar Battery

Solar batteries. Your next step towards grid independence.

Rather than selling your excess generated power back to the grid, batteries let you store it and use it when you need it most. Battery storage is typically modular, expandable and can be added to most existing solar systems.

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Soak up the sun all day so you can power on all night.

Find out how much you can save by going solar.
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