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GoodWe is a leading PV inverter manufacturer with a mission to provide innovative, dependable and affordable products and solutions. They are recognised world-wide, holding true to their statement: where the sun shines, there is GoodWe!

5-10 Years Ribbon

5-10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

GoodWe inverters come with a standard 5-year warranty that is upgradable to 10-years when registered and connected on GoodWe’s Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) portal.


Headquarters in China.

Founded in 2010, GoodWe’s expanding network is based in Suzhou, China.

Customer Support

Australian-based support

While their headquarters are located in China, GoodWe prioritizes quality customer service, by offering a three tiered service level approach through their office in Melbourne, Australia.

Monitoring Connectivity

Real-time Production and Consumption Monitoring

Wifi connection with production monitoring and optional consumption monitoring.


  • Keep track of your production and consumption with the GoodWe HomeKit.
  • Data collection is stored in the cloud by Wi-Fi or LAN.

Hybrid Inverter Options

GoodWe were the first in the market to enter the hybrid storage market in 2014, and have a dedicated team focused on maximising efficiency. If you’re installing a battery that requires a hybrid inverter or are considering a battery in the future, GoodWe offers a range of hybrid inverters to choose from.

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