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Wall Split Air Conditioning

Wall split air conditioning units are ductless systems, and are generally used to cool or heat a single room. In some cases, you may require more than one system in a room (larger areas or joined living spaces). It is possible to have a wall split system for each room of the house, but generally this is less efficient (and more expensive) than installing a ducted reverse cycle system.

Wall splits come as two separate units, which are generally closely adjoined. One unit is installed outside of the house, while the other is mounted on the interior wall of the room that is being air conditioned.

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Who should use a wall split system?

Wall split air conditioning systems are great for anyone wanting to heat or cool a single room.

In some cases, reverse cycle systems can be paired with wall split systems, especially if there are rooms that are semi-detached or have limited ceiling space.

What are the upfront and ongoing costs associated with running a wall split system?

Buying and installing a wall split system can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the unit and the configuration of your house. Ongoing costs can range from $150-$2,000 a year, depending on usage and size of the system.

Reducing the cost of running a wall split system

No one likes getting hit with a big power bill at the end of a quarter. Reduce the running costs of a wall split system by closing the doors of the room you are heating/cooling, and remembering to turn the unit off when the room is no longer occupied. Some units even have smart technology that can automatically adjust the temperature whether people are present or not.

Also, ask for an inverter system when making your purchase. Inverter systems ramp the fan’s power up and down as required, in response to temperature fluctuations in the room. This type of system will reduce energy usage, as opposed to a system that is constantly operating at full capacity.

Consider offsetting the cost of a wall split further by installing solar panels - drawing from energy generated by the sun, instead of drawing from the grid.

Features to consider

  • Wi-Fi and app control
  • Human presence sensor
  • Adjustable or oscillating louvres
  • Timer control
  • Indoor unit aesthetic
  • Unit efficiency
  • Brand

Some of our wall split brands

ActronAir Logo

ActronAir began as a family business in 1984 and has spent almost four decades expanding into a proud Australian company. Designed and manufactured in Australia, ActronAir products are created to combat the harsh Australian climate. They currently cool more than a quarter of a million Aussie homes and businesses.

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Daikin Logo

Daikin celebrated their 95th birthday in 2019 and has now marked more than 50 years of service to Australians. They’ve invested heavily in research and development of their technology, claiming over 20,000 patents worldwide.

Explore Daikin
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Logo

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has plenty going for them in the AC game. They’re built on 130 years of history and experience and despite what some may think, they don’t just look after the commercial market. They have a large range of residential products featuring innovative, Japanese-engineered technology.

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Fujitsu Logo

Fujitsu’s mission to be ‘Australia’s favourite air’ means they work hard to deliver superior service and produce quality products. Their air conditioners boast a range of intelligent features including room sensing and timers, but without losing sight of their ultimate goal – effective cooling.

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LG Logo

LG is not only one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in South Korea, they’re one of the biggest in the world. As a well-known brand, they know what customers are looking for in an air conditioner and they certainly deliver.

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Panasonic Logo

A giant in the appliance world, Panasonic has spent plenty of time and energy making their air conditioners the best they can be. With a focus on reliability, quality and intelligent features, Panasonic is sure to have a unit that works for you.

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Samsung Logo

Samsung is a globally-renowned brand, which means we’ve got pretty high expectations. While being a competitively priced AC unit, they certainly do pack a punch. Plus, their optional smartphone compatibility means operating their systems is a breeze.

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